Wedding Planner

Careful planning and scheduling will enable you to truly enjoy every moment of your wedding day. Arrangements for a large formal wedding should begin at least six months in advance. To ensure that the locations and bridal professionals you want are available, it is highly recommended that you start your planning a full year in advance. Following the time frame of this guide will enable your suppliers to provide the best quality and service.

Six or More Months

  • Decide Budget.
  • Decide type of wedding (Formal, Informal, Other).
  • Choose location of ceremony.
  • Contact Person Officiating.
  • Choose attendants
  • Order gown, veil and accessories.
  • Order attendants’ gowns.
  • Determine size of wedding.
  • Compile bride and groom’s invitation lists..
  • Select reception site.
  • Select caterer for the reception.
  • Plan details of the reception.
  • Select men’s formal wear.
  • Select photographer.
  • Select videographer.
  • Select florist.
  • Select bridal registry.
  • Select type of entertainment for reception.
  • Disc jockey, band, etc.
  • Select music for the ceremony.
  • Discuss honeymoon details.

Four to Six Months

  • Order invitations, personal stationery, wedding programs.
  • Finalize honeymoon plans.
  • Shop for home furnishings.
  • Set an appointment for complete physical exam and update your immunizations.
  • Set appointment for blood test. (Requirements vary from state to state. Where, Date/Time.)

Two to Three Months

  • Schedule appointment for fittings.
  • Address wedding invitations.
  • Check with local paper on wedding announcement deadline.
  • Select attendants’ gifts.
  • Buy wedding rings.
  • Order engraving.
  • Set a date with your fiance to get your marriage license. (State laws vary as to length of valid license. Date)
  • Reserve rentals necessary for ceremony and reception. (Rental shop Phone #)
  • Order wedding and groom’s cakes.

One to Two Months

  • Mail invitations. i Q Arrange for final fittings, remind bridesmaid of final gown fittings.
  • Try new hairstyle you may be considering. Schedule appointment with salon or manicurist.
  • Make reservation for rehearsal dinner.
  • Have formal wedding portrait taken.
  • Reserve limousine transportation.
  • Make reservations for bridesmaid luncheon.
  • Arrange lodging for out of town guests.
  • Buy groom’s wedding gift.
  • Confirm honeymoon trip reservations. Check Luggage.

Two Weeks

  • Record wedding gifts as you receive them and write back thank-you notes promptly.
  • Double check wedding attire for all members of the wedding party.
  • Confirm time and date of wedding rehearsal with all members of your wedding party.
  • Review reception seating plans and prepare place cards if necessary.
  • Arrange to move your belongings into your new home.
  • Arrange for name and address changes on your bank account, credit cards, driver’s license, social security card, utilities.

One Week

  • Have final consultations with caterer, florist, musicians, and photographer. Give final guest count to reception facility and caterer. (# of guests ___)
  • Host bridesmaid luncheon.
  • Begin packing for honeymoon.
  • Relax and get plenty of rest … The planning is complete, so let the festivities begin!

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